Public Research Datasets/Traces:

DIDCLAB Github Repository:

Current version of Stork Data Scheduler available at:

Earlier versions of Stork can be downloaded from the links below:

Stork 2.0.1 (4/29/2011)

Download: Source code | Pre-compiled binaries

User manual: (pdf)
Release notes: (txt)

If you have any problems downloading or installing Stork, please let us know at

Previous Stork releases

Version Release date Release notes
Stork 2.0 11/12/2010 Release notes
Stork 1.2.1 04/21/2010 Release notes
Stork 1.2.0 04/12/2010 Release notes
Stork 1.0 12/05/2008 Release notes
Stork 0.9.2 03/18/2005 Release notes



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